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If You’ve Ever Thought About Fixing Your Sunken Driveway Slabs, now is The Perfect Time… When this situation occurs to many homes in the same neighborhood, it creates opportunity for Solid Ground LLC, and value for you.
We would like to provide you with a FREE estimate that will let you know what it would cost to properly repair your driveway. The sooner you take action and repair your settling pavement, the less it w ill cost you. Once a driveway slab begins to settle, it will continue to get worse. By taking action now, you can save yourself a great deal of money & inconvenience. In addition, if you have any plans to sell your home in the near future, sunken slabs in a driveway are an automatic punch list item for today’s home purchasers. At Solid G round, we repair settled concrete with Solid Ground Poly-Lift and will precisely lift your slabs back to their original position. We will provide you with a full One-year transferable warranty protecting your property.
In addition to providing a better way to raise settled pavement, Solid Ground Poly-LIFT actually repairs the soil as it raises the slab. When the Polymer Blend is injected under the slab through the “dime sized” injection port holes, in a liquid, allowing them to fill voids before a chemical reaction occurs, causing them to solidify and expand. As they expand, the lift comes from pressing down on the soil below with the equivalent of the weight of the slab above, densifying the soil, or making it stronger. Solid Ground Poly-LIFT material is almost weightless (2-3 pounds per Cubic Foot), providing the compression strength of concrete, without additional weight stress on soil that has already failed to support the weight of the slab above. Basically we water proofed and super glued the Slab / Soil interface. The new Solid Ground Poly-Lift method is cleaner, more precise, and provides a much longer term fix.

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