Scot Merrihew

Chief of Staff Kihomac

Scot Merrihew joined KIHOMAC Inc. in October 2008 as the Operations Manager, becoming a Vice President of Operations in January 2010 and then Chief Operating Officer in January of 2016 and then Chief of Staff in 2021. He is responsible for Operations across the company, Business Development, and Capture Management. Mr. Merrihew received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Park University in 2004. He then received a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management from Webster University in 2006.

He has over thirty five years of experience in leadership and management in the areas of contracts, operations, finance, project management, human resources, security, and business development. He acquired much of his experience during his service with the United States Air Force, from which he retired in 2006. He served as a contracting officer at Hanscom AFB, Hill AFB, Kuwait, Iraq, Egypt, and Canada. Through his extensive career, he managed several ACAT I contracts and directly supported OSD in several contingency operations around the world.

Prior to joining KIHOMAC, Mr. Merrihew worked for Grant Thornton as a Senior Manager directly supporting the Office of Secretary of Defense. In this two year effort he managed contracts/operations supporting the Business Transformation Agency. He directly supported the mission of the warfighter through the Task Force to Improve Business and Stability Operations in Iraq. The efforts included reviewing and assessing the DoD business enterprise processes and associated systems in Iraq affecting contracting, logistics, fund distribution, and financial management.

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