David Zoppetti

CEO and Founder Implementing Ideas

In 1997, while traveling from Argentina to the United States, David Zoppetti observed the lack of a company that believed in the vision of new entrepreneurs in the technology sector. This discovery, combined with the desire to ensure the well-being of his family, prompted him to found Implementing Ideas. Starting a company that expands with the ideology of doing more than assembling electronic circuits, he seeks to assemble the visions of those who seek to innovate the world.

In 2005, David’s experience and leadership attracted the attention of industry leaders, filling his schedule to the point of sacrificing much of his time to develop Implementing Ideas. However, the time came to make a crucial decision between his immediate desires for financial stability and continued commitment to a company that believed in the vision of new entrepreneurs. Economic challenges at the national level and personal issues led him to choose the former. However, this would not be the conclusion of his story.

In 2006, David realized that the high fees and benefits did not satisfy what was most important to him: the deep conviction that innovative ideas have the power to improve the world. As a result, he made the courageous decision to end the employment-dependent relationships and redirect his efforts toward Implementing Ideas.

Now, the company that began as a personal journey has gained significant traction, growing from a single entity to more than 60 internal collaborators, handling more than 300 projects annually. It progressively implements the highest standards and requirements of the aerospace, armament, and medical sectors. All because of the constant desire to assemble the vision of those who seek to innovate in the world.

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