47G is an ecosystem comprised of over 100 members and 20 academic institutions working to solve pressing challenges.

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Our Mission

At 47G, we’re building the world’s premier ecosystem for aerospace, defense, and cyber companies. Our mission is to foster talent, fund entrepreneurship, and fuel innovation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the mission of 47G?


At 47G, we’re building the world’s premier ecosystem for aerospace, defense, and cyber companies in Utah. Our mission is to foster talent, fund entrepreneurship, and fuel innovation.


How do I get involved?


We are convening industry, academic, and government leadership to advance the interest of aerospace, defense, and cyber companies. Everyone has a seat at the table and we value your input — please reach out and connect with us!

For individuals, we hope you’ll plug into 47G events, initiatives, and news by subscribing to our newsletter and following us on social media. You can find our pages here: LinkedIn and Twitter.

For organizations around the world — companies, municipalities, community groups, nonprofits, or universities — we hope you join 47G as a member. You can learn more about the benefits and responsibilities of membership here.


Why is Utah a premier destination for aerospace, defense, and cyber companies?


It’s no secret, Utah punches above its weight in many categories — aerospace, defense, and cyber are foremost among them.

We are home to some of the finest military installations nationwide, our academic institutions partner with industry to develop the next generation of talent, and our companies are developing the future of critical technology to keep our nation safe.

All together, Utah is home to over 1,000 aerospace, defense, and cyber companies. For more information and highlights – check out the links below:

Space Dynamics Lab
Hill Air Force Base
Kem C. Gardiner Institute Research
Utah System of Higher Education
Talent Ready Utah
Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity


What does the name 47G mean?


On December 10, 1954, Colonel John Stapp became the fastest man on earth when he strapped himself into a rocket-propelled sled and launched down a 3,500’ track at 632 miles per hour. In the process, he experienced 46.2Gs of acceleration: the greatest ever endured by a test pilot.

Our name honors those who have blazed the path of exploration, from the pioneers who settled Utah’s frontier in 1847, to the test pilots who shattered the barriers of speed in the 1950’s—and sets the bar for the impact we seek to have as an organization.


How do I reach 47G for press inquiries?


For press inquiries or media-related questions, please contact our Communications department at Muriel at muriel@xfactorutah.com. We are happy to assist with any information or interviews you may need regarding the industry, our association, or our members.


How can I connect with a current 47G member to learn more?


To connect with a current 47G member and learn more about their experiences and insights, you can use our Member Directory on our website. This directory provides LinkedIn profile pages for the people and companies that make up 47G.

If you are interested in becoming a member and you would like to ask about the membership experience, FIRST LAST has graciously offered to speak with prospective members. Email us at contact@47g.org and we will put you in touch.

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