Cathy Blomquist

Director of Operations

Cathy Blomquist is the Director of Operations at 47G, where she excels in driving organizational efficiency and success. With a solid background in the aerospace and defense manufacturing industry, Cathy is adept at refining workflows, managing resources, and introducing innovative solutions. Her journey in the manufacturing sector is driven by a passion for innovation and community development, which was recognized in 2023 when she was honored as a Woman at the Forefront of Advanced Manufacturing. She is enthusiastic about continuing to contribute to the growth of Utah's manufacturing ecosystem and advancing the state’s position in the global market.

Cathy collaborates with employees at all organizational levels to ensure they have access to the resources that will make them and their companies successful. Her proactive approach and collaborative spirit have been instrumental in supporting companies' growth and strategic initiatives. Facilitating partnerships that spur new business lines and meet local needs, thereby reducing reliance on out-of-state or international solutions, is one of the aspects of her role that she finds most rewarding. Cathy's dedication to empowering others and her commitment to driving innovation and success within 47G’s network are testaments to her impactful leadership.

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