Jake Hawksworth

Founder and CEO Hypercraft

Jake's early career launched in the powersport sector, and he quickly moved from entry-level product designer to COO of Skinz Protective Gear, a leading manufacturer of aftermarket accessories in the powersports industry.

By the age of 27, he had developed and designed over 100 products for Yamaha Motors, contributing significantly to Yamaha Parts and Accessories Division's meteoric rise in accessory sales revenue in 2014. His efforts helped them jump from last place to second globally in just five years.

Jake has a technical background in fabrication, engineering, and product design. Being a self-taught product engineer and industrial designer, he operates with uncommon speed and efficiency and has a voracious appetite for learning. He is fluent in 3D CAD, robotics, CNC machining/programming, welding, composites, and prototype fabrication, with core competencies in suspension, chassis, drivetrain, and fuel systems.

Jake has created many industry firsts among the 500+ products he has designed — collectively generating over $250 million in revenue over the past decade. He has been awarded eight patents in suspension design and other mechanical systems. He now brings all of this detailed experience, both specialized and broad-reaching, to Hypercraft with a mission to offer EV solutions to everyone.

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