47G Announces New Partnership With YouScience to Assist with Workforce Development

47G is thrilled to announce the creation of a new workforce development program through YouScience®. This partnership will help students connect with 47G member organizations and create a next-generation talent pipeline to aerospace, defense, and cyber companies in Utah.

Next-generation technology companies have struggled to find and develop the talent they need, partially due to their lack of visibility among students who are considering career options. YouScience bridges this gap with AI to connect employers and students based on their aptitude toward specific sectors, presenting students with career paths they may have not considered. 

YouScience® is the leading technology provider dedicated to solving the skill gap crisis for both students and employers. Its Employer Spotlight program will surface 47G member organizations to students who have demonstrated personal aptitude in the industry—and automatically connect them with careers, internships, and learning opportunities offered by Utah’s aerospace, defense, and cyber companies. This will help 47G members streamline hiring and generate visibility to local talent within universities and high schools.

47G partners participating in the program will be empowered to achieve the following objectives:

  • Find emerging talent with the aptitudes and interests best suited to aerospace and defense careers.
  • Tap into a talent pipeline that is local and prepared with the skills needed to fill crucial roles.
  • Create an effective and efficient recruiting ecosystem that enhances current strategies.
  • Build deeper relationships with local schools and communities.
  • Advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in hiring practices.
  • Distribute aerospace and defense career information in contextually relevant places to ensure aptitude and interest matches have visibility to opportunities. 

YouScience® has completely revolutionized how employers find and develop local talent, and 47G members are now offered direct access to their pipeline. To find more information on how the program works, and to start to highlight your business, please reach out to YouScience here.