Cliff Hokanson

Executive Vice President HHI Corporation

Cliff began his career working for Space Dynamics Laboratory learning machining, tooling, quality control, and budgeting for projects designed for the International Space Station and the Hubble telescope. He earned a BS in Civil Engineering from Utah State University. Cliff manages HHI’s manufacturing department specializing in custom design-build projects. Cliff is instrumental in designing several state-of-the-art and one-of-a-kind projects for the United States government and NATO friendly countries. Many of these projects, with their complex technical aspects and varied design details, classify them as research and development projects. His portfolio consists of projects such as aerospace maintenance stands, cutting edge technological blast and paint booths for F-35 fighters, and chemical and biological containment facilities. His hands-on approach and technical know-how complement his ability to instruct individuals through all levels of experience.

During Cliff’s thirty-year career, his focus has been on federal projects in both manufacturing and construction industries. The types of contracts range from open competition, sole sourced, IDIQ, and negotiated projects. During his career at HHI Corporation, the company has received 19 Outstanding Ratings from several federal agencies including the Air Force, Navy, Army, Army Corps of Engineers, NATO, and the State Department.

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