Daniel Schachtel

Owner Precision Hermetic Technology

Daniel Schachtel, a native of New York City and a University of Rochester graduate, relocated to California in 1989 to co-found PHT. Taking full control in 1994, he directed efforts toward implementing vertical integration and recruiting skilled industry professionals.

The following decade saw PHT expand significantly in both volume and complexity of parts manufactured, doubling our manufacturing space, and adding more than a dozen CNC machine tools (initially) and moving to our current headquarters in Redlands, CA. 2013 saw PHT doubling in size again, with PHT leasing the adjacent building, increasing our footprint to its current 53,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space.

Continuing to vertically integrate, this period saw PHT more than tripling our capacity in CNC machining. We also added precious metal electroplating, and additional high temperature processing for specialized glasses and brazing, in addition to glass to metal sealing.

Schachtel's involvement in the company remains dynamic. Engaging in design, process enhancement, and customer relations, he plays a pivotal role in shaping the company's vision, addressing customer needs, and fostering improvement through vertical integration. His hands-on leadership, marked by dedication to innovation, operational excellence, and customer satisfaction, continues to be a driving force behind PHT's enduring success.

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