David Manzanares

VP of Engineering Hummingbird Aero

As VP of Engineering, David leads the highly capable team of subject matter experts and professionals of the Hummingbird Aero engineering team. Hummingbird Aero has become a recognized leader in expanding customer capability to deliver certifiable, safe and mission critical, aerospace components and systems. He is also a principal at Hummingbird Aero International, a European Union expansion of Hummingbird Aero, based in the Republic of Ireland and focused on engineering services and manufacturing for aircraft systems and products. David has over 25 years of experience in the aircraft systems and actuation fields and in leading technical organizations. David, like many of Hummingbird's SMEs, translates decades of commercial aircraft systems development experience from programs like the 787, A350, and multiple business jets into practices and products that help the new generation of aircraft developers prepare their aircraft for certification and entry into service.

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