David Robinson

Chief Executive & Visionary in AI Technologies Cognitive AI

David Robinson is recognized for his leadership in software development and artificial intelligence (AI) applications. With over three decades of experience Robinson has guided nine companies across a range of market segments to operational excellence. His expertise spans sales, marketing, strategy, product development, AI structuring and prompt engineering, with a significant focus on the Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

In the field of software development, Robinson has played a critical role in deploying innovative solutions tailored to complex sectors such as Life Sciences, addressing the unique challenges posed by varied cultural and regulatory environments. A notable project under his direction involved the development of a comprehensive software platform for USTAR, facilitating the entire grant management process from proposal submission to post-award administration, enhancing efficiency and global collaboration.

At Cognitive AI, Robinson has led the development of advanced tools for data analysis, focusing on using a human-centric approach to augmenting AI applications to improve knowledge management, data security, and feedback mechanisms. His approach prioritizes user experience, aiming to democratize access to sophisticated data analysis for professionals without a background in mathematics or language models.

Key Achievements:
- Enhanced preprocessing and analytic capabilities, simplifying the process of data exploration to enable critical insights with ease.
- Streamlined the transformation of raw data into valuable intelligence, minimizing the dependency on specialized IT support.
- Implemented open architecture principles, ensuring transparency and auditability throughout the data processing lifecycle.
- Promoted a self-service model that encourages a collaborative relationship between AI technologies and end-users, integrating explicit and implicit knowledge for more accurate outcomes.

Robinson’s contributions to the AI and corporate knowledge management sectors underscore the importance of leveraging software development and AI to address industry-specific challenges. His work with Cognitive AI™ exemplifies his commitment to advancing data analytics and management solutions, emphasizing the critical role of technology in enhancing operational efficiency and decision-making processes.

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