Enos Cummings

Ecosystem Director 309th SWEG

Enos Cummings serves as the Ecosystem Director for the 309th Software Engineering Group (SWEG), Ogden Air Logistics Complex, Hill Air Force Base, Utah. This recently established role has the mission of coordinating the efforts of the 309 SWEG with small business innovative research companies, local and state governments, regional Universities, and other enabling organizations, with the goal of expediting development and adoption of innovative tools, processes, and technologies into Warfighter capability. Leveraging these partner's strengths will help ensure that collaborative solutions to difficult issues facing the United States Air Force become reality.

Mr. Cummings began his civil service career in 1989 at Hill Air Force Base, Utah as an electronics mechanic intern performing depot level repairs of F-16 avionics. He has served in various levels of responsibility and leadership to include Automatic Test Equipment Subject Matter Expert, Flight Chief, Interim Squadron Director, Interim Business Operations Director, and Director of Engineering.

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