Jeremy Andra

Vice President & Founder The Bennett Group

Jeremy Andra is a dynamic business development and management performer with broad experience in new start-up companies and business expansions within existing companies, particularly in emerging markets. Jeremy Andra serves as a partner at the esteemed Bennet Group, a standout top-performing lobbying firm renowned for its adept navigation of the political landscape. With a wealth of experience, the Bennet Group has dedicated years to crafting policy, generating briefs and white papers, and traversing the corridors in the marble halls of Congress and State Legislatures.

Mr. Andra is proud to sit on the board of directors for the World Trade Center Utah, the board of governors for 47G, as well as on the Advisory Committee for the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition. Strengths in strategic planning and developing products and services for international markets. Mr. Andra helped bring multiple products into the market, including the Auto CPAP, Rapid Covid Test kits, and the Auto Andra Gauge which won innovation of the year under the medical category and H2Organix which won innovation of the year under the agriculture category. He is effective at building influence with industry KOLs and nurturing strategic partnerships and collaborations.

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