Sumit Parashar


Sumit has obtained a wealth of Experience spanning the IT industry, both in terms of Technical expertise and Strategy. As an Entrepreneur and Tech visionary, he has worked on a plethora of projects for organizations across different Verticals, Regions, and Sizes (ranging from a few thousand to multi-billion-dollar entities).

Sumit is passionate about leveraging technology to enhance business operations, improve efficiency and drive impactful results.

During his more than 33 years in the industry, he has developed an impressive track record for successfully implementing IT modernization strategies and providing Enterprise IT consulting services. He has developed cutting-edge technology implementations that have helped organizations gain a competitive advantage and maximize efficiency.

In addition to his professional experience, Sumit is committed to making the world a better place through the Philanthropic efforts of his non-profit organization, Project Jugnoo as well as by utilizing Green Energy solutions through BODEX Solar.

He is also a Vipassana (vipassanā, विपश्यना) meditator and proponent which helps him stay laser-focused on achieving success both professionally and personally.

Expertise, Passions & Specialties:
• Enterprise IT Architecture Strategic Consulting
• AI / ML Next-Gen Integration
• Enterprise Business Process Optimization
• Enterprise IT Modernization
• ALL aspects of Enterprise Data Management
• SaaS-based Product Development
• Custom App Development
• Certified Scrum Master

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