Apply Now for a Career in Aerospace, Defense, or Cyber

47G has partnered with DWS to launch a jobs platform that will serve as a bridge to connect students and job seekers with existing opportunities in the aerospace, defense, and cybersecurity sectors. The partnership will streamline the job search process by helping both talent and employers find each other with greater speed and efficiency. The platform is designed to support economic opportunity and foster innovation in Utah’s critical industries.

As Utah’s deep tech ecosystem continues to thrive, the demand for specialized talent in aerospace, defense, and cybersecurity is skyrocketing. The 47G-DWS partnership is poised to nurture the next generation of professionals in these fields and ensure that Utah remains at the forefront of technological advancements as America’s Deep Tech Frontier. 

Talent can access career opportunities through the 47G page on the Department of Workforce Services website, or by exploring opportunities on the 47G jobs page.