Tapping into Utah’s Vast Talent: A Guide to Recruiting Resources

As the market for advanced technologies continues to boom, so does the demand for exceptional talent. Utah stands out as a state that is ready to meet the moment: with its exceptional universities, young workforce, and a population that speaks over 135 languages, Utah is widely known for its diverse and capable talent pool.

47G works with several public and private entities that specialize in connecting employers to job seekers in Utah. The following resources will help aerospace, defense, and cyber companies identify, interview, and hire talent.

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Utah Aerospace Pathways



Insight Global 

Spectrum Recruiting


Silvester and Co

Rosie Project 

BYU Capstone

The University of Utah Capstone

Utah State University Capstone



Utah Aerospace Pathways 

The Utah System of Higher Education argues that a career in the aerospace industry can start as early as high school, and has created a program for students to gain the skills required to succeed in the industry before they graduate. Dubbed the Utah Aerospace Pathways (UAP), the program provides students with hands-on experience in aerospace manufacturing by placing students in externships with its private sector partners. These externships allow employers to vet potential talent, and recruit skilled workers before they finish their high school degree. 

This program functions by introducing students to the field by placing them into classes that teach them basic manufacturing and composite skills. They then participate in an externship with participating private sector partners to fine-tune the skills they gained in the classroom. Following the completion of their externship and receiving their high school diploma, they receive a certificate from Utah Aerospace Pathways that demonstrates proficiency in aerospace manufacturing. The program also guarantees an interview with participating companies, which include Northrop Grumman, Hexcel, and others. UAP has allowed numerous companies in Utah. This has allowed local businesses to develop talent pipelines from Utah high schools, which has streamlined talent acquisition for many companies. 

To learn more about the program, visit their website here.




YouScience® is one of the most innovative solutions to the rising talent crisis within the workforce and connects students and employers through the only AI-driven, aptitude-based placement program in existence. Their success is unparalleled and far-reaching, servicing over 9,200 educational institutions, 5,000 employers, and over 2.2 million customers. 

Through Its end-to-end platform, YouScience® Brightpath connects education with career applications designed to help students unlock their potential for their future careers. It does this by leveraging data and artificial intelligence to help individuals identify their aptitudes, validate their skills, and get matched with educational and career pathways.

YouScience provides a multitude of different services for employers to vet the skills of prospective employees. Employer Spotlight helps employers find ideal candidates through AI-driven aptitude matching. This service has revolutionized how employers find talent that best suits their organization in a variety of fields from manufacturing to HR. 

To find more information on YouScience, visit their website here.



Apprenti helps employers find long-term staffing solutions in the tech sector through an apprenticeship model. Apprenti provides its applicants with full-time technical training before they start their apprenticeship, ensuring that its candidates are ready for their positions. Following their training, the applicants start a paid, year-long, on-the-job training program. After the end of the apprenticeship, employers have the option to maintain the apprentice by offering them a full-time position. They can also request a new apprentice. This model has saved employers on average 33% on hiring costs compared to peer companies.

Apprenti’s results speak for themselves: 88% of all apprentices stay with their sponsor following their apprenticeship and 93% of all students graduate from their program. Apprenti also places a strong emphasis on recruiting veterans; over 50% of their apprentices served in the military. Apprenti is also focused on diversity:92% of their apprentices come from underrepresented groups. These results demonstrate the success of Apprenti’s model, which makes it a great option for employers trying to find long-term solutions to their staffing needs. 

To find out more information, visit Apprenti’s website here.


Insight Global

Insight Global is an international Top-Secret Cleared workforce development firm, located at the heart of Salt Lake City, in the new 95 State building. By the end of 2023, Insight Global will total 86 offices, 3,000+ Professional Recruiters, and over 55,000 placements made in all major industries across the United States alone, which makes it the 2nd largest workforce development firm in the country.

With the ability to hold and flip clearances, the firm is currently supporting the United States defense communities as it subcontracts on over 400+ federal programs, with 17,000+ cleared contractors across the Aerospace, Cyber, Energy, Intel, Semiconductor and Space industries.

Insight Global takes care of every stage of the hiring and employment process, from finding and vetting the candidates to doing onboarding and payroll. The company has over 3,000 different recruiters ready to help businesses find the perfect temporary or permanent staffing solution. The program also has an entire wing dedicated to finding executives with relevant skills and experience.

Insight Global also provides consultant work through a variety of different initiatives including Evergreen, a team management platform, Compass, a work culture consultant project, and diversity and inclusion consulting. Insight Global works in a variety of different fields including IT, Logistics, Manufacturing, Semiconductors, and many more. 

To find more information on Insight Global’s resources, visit their website here.



Spectrum Recruiting

With the recent tech and manufacturing boom, there has never been a bigger need for highly educated and experienced workers in the state. Spectrum Recruiting dedicates its entire operation to finding skilled engineers and technically literate workers. 

They provide multiple different services including direct-hire recruiting, which gives companies 3 to 5 resumes of skilled and interested candidates within a week after a position opens up. This helps employers hire skilled talent as rapidly as possible. Spectrum also offers a complete outsourcing of the hiring process. This includes resume screening, initial interviews, social media marketing, and more. 

Additionally, Spectrum provides consulting work at every point in the hiring process which gives feedback for companies looking to improve their HR practices. Their years of expertise are an invaluable resource in a hiring market that is growing more complicated. With their knowledge of niche technological and engineering standards, they make a great fit for startups and mature companies alike.

To find more information on Spectrum, visit their website here.




The proliferation of global markets has led to a rapid increase of global talent available. IsoTalent argues that successful companies should tap into this increasing network to expand both their domestic and international performance. Its international recruiting service provides businesses with access to thousands of qualified international candidates along with support in every step of the hiring process. They adopt a commission-free model which ensures you only have to pay for the hours you need. IsoTalent also provides domestic recruiting services that are 75% more cost-effective than its competitors.

One of the most unique services IsoTalent provides is helping businesses go global. Its employer-on-record (EOR) program helps companies open international offices by providing them with HR and regulatory services including payroll, managing contractors, and expertise on local laws. This service eliminates many barriers preventing companies from expanding to international markets and can be a great conduit to increasing your international reach. 

To find more information, visit their website here.




Silvester and Company 

Finding and recruiting quality leaders can make or break a company. Silvester and Company (S&C) understands this and uses their three decades of experience to help you find the right leaders to fulfill your organization’s specific needs. As a boutique firm, they prioritize the quality of their services over the number of clients. They also guarantee their placements for a year. Their clients span from smaller start-ups to private equity owned, and global Fortune 500 companies, including Airbus, Leonardo, L3Harris, GKN, and more. 

S&C has completed hundreds of A&D searches from the Director through C-Suite and Board positions. The team’s work spans across all segments of the industry including commercial aerospace, general aviation, military aircraft, missile/weapon systems, eVTOL, and space. 

To find out more information, please visit their website here.



Rosie Project 

The Rosie Project understands the difficulties military spouses face when looking for a job. From developing technical skills to finding childcare to the arduous job search process, significant barriers are preventing military spouses from developing professionally. The Rosie Project attempts to eliminate these barriers by providing job training, childcare, and job placement support for spouses at select military installations throughout the country—most notably Hill Air Force Base.

The program partners with Weber State University to train spouses to be Information Technology Specialists, a skill set in high demand nationwide. Upon completion of the program, the organization provides its graduates with a certificate that is accepted throughout the entirety of the Department of Defense. The certificate allows a form of continuity when spouses are inevitably deployed somewhere new — saving them the trouble of starting the job search anew with each new post.

To find more information about the Rosie Project, visit their website here.



BYU Capstone Projects 

Securing jobs for its students immediately upon graduation is a priority for Brigham Young University, and it presents a major opportunity for Utah businesses. Virtually every department at BYU provides opportunities for its students to participate in capstone projects with local firms, which allows local businesses to do a few things at once: get affordable work on projects, vet potential hires, and get priority in recruiting students out of their degree program. 

BYU offers capstones in various programs from computer science to business strategy. 47G has hosted a BYU capstone project in the past and found that students did quality work. The engineering department in particular has found succes in their model. The program has been the university’s flagship capstone program since 1990, and has provided valuable work to firms all around the country. The program supplies a team of 5-7 senior engineering students on a project from a sponsoring firm. The firm keeps all of the intellectual property generated in the program for a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.

To find out more about BYU’s capstone project, visit their website here.



University of Utah Capstone

Utah businesses need a quality talent pipeline, and the University of Utah provides numerous opportunities for local firms to create relationships with its upperclassmen. Capstone projects provide opportunities for students and industry partners to connect by collaborating on a specific project. Many degree programs at the U require its students to engage in a capstone project before graduation, providing firms with the opportunity to vet talent before they hit the market. 

The U has capstone projects in virtually every department and degree within the John and Marcia Price college of Engineering, from undergraduate to graduate students. These programs deliver highly sought-after skills including mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science. Students are often able to transition into full-time positions with their sponsoring companies, making it a great way for aerospace, defense, and cyber companies to secure developing talent.

To find out more information on this program, visit their website here.

Utah State University Capstone

Utah Sate Unviersity provides a large number of capstone projects for its students participating in undergraduate and graduate degrees. Many of these projects occur at various reaserch institutions associated with the university, such as Space Dynamics Lab though many students find positions at aerospace, defense, and cyber companies throughout the state.

The university provides multiple capstone opportunities that are relevent to aerospace and defense firms. The College of Engineering requires seniors to spend up to 400 hours working on capstone projects with industry partners–many of which are aerospace and defense companies. The Center for Anticipatory Intelligence also hosts a graduate capstone course for their students. This is a great oppertunity for employers to get access to quality students participating in the only anticipatory intelligence program in the world.

To find more details about capstone projects, contact the university here.