Clark Cahoon

VP of Industry Development

Before joining the team at 47G Clark worked at Salt Lake City's Department of Economic Development where he focused on Mayor Mendenhall's Tech Lake City initiative. He helped promote the industry through partnerships and workforce development policy and programs that elevated the life science industry. Prior to his work at Salt Lake City, Clark worked at Utah’s Governor’s Office of Economic Development where he managed the Technology Commercialization and Innovation Program (TCIP) and as the Life Science Industry Director. TCIP provided competitive grants to early stage companies across a variety of industries to accelerate commercialization and create durable jobs.

Clark also worked as an International Trade Specialist at World Trade Center Utah where he guided small and medium-sized businesses in entering global markets by helping them navigate complex international rules and providing advice on logistics, marketing, legal matters and finance.

In his free time Clark enjoys reading, camping and doing home renovation projects.

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